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Center Stage gives Baltimore premiere of 'Clybourne Park'

Center Stage gives Baltimore premiere of 'Clybourne Park'

In Act 1 of “Clybourne Park,” the Pulitzer Prize- and Tony Award-winning play by Bruce Norris receiving a potent Baltimore premiere at Center Stage, civility breaks down as white and black characters in a modest Chicago house start talking about the one thing they’d all rather avoid — race.

“I am ashamed of every one of us,” says Bev, a woman determined to emit a June Cleaver neatness and brightness, even though her husband is no Ward, and her son, who served in the Korean War, is now just an unsettling memory.

There’s plenty of shame to go around as well in Act 2, when it’s 50 years later and a whole new group of tense people are in that same profoundly haunted house, once...