Stephen Lang

'Terra Nova' premiere: Disaster in the making

'Terra Nova' premiere: Disaster in the making

Subtlety isn’t a strength of the new FOX show “Terra Nova.” With all the mystery and none of the finesse of “Lost,” and all the dinosaurs and none of the excitement of “Jurassic Park,” the show has all the makings of a glorious, wonderful disaster.

The premise is simple – and ominous – enough. In the year 2149, the planet Earth has become a nearly uninhabitable dystopia of rancid air and Orwellian undertones, so the government has begun sending people back in time – 85 million years back in time, to be precise, to start a new life in fortressed cabanas in the midst of a dinosaur-inhabited jungle. Really, what could go wrong.

Our heroes are the Shannon family: Jim, his wife...