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Stephen Collins
NBC's Thursday Night Comedies: Treat Yo' Self Day
NBC's Thursday Night Comedies: Treat Yo' Self Day

b intern Becky Quinn chimes in about what tickled her funny bone this week.  Hint, it was not the Dundler Mifflin billboard. "Community": Troy and Abed’s housewarming party turned into a weird parallel universe with dice rolling, lost body parts and death?! Yes, in the end, Jeff loses an arm, Troy loses his larynx (but is equipped with a delightfully high-pitched stoma) and PIERCE IS DEAD. Abed comes equipped with goatees so that the study group can fully commit to evil. As a personal fan of faux facial hair, these goatees were the stars of this episode. Other stars were Troy and Abed’s footie pajamas at the end of the episode when they wake up from this weird...