Simon Baker

'Downton Abbey' recap, Branson's revolutionary war

'Downton Abbey' recap, Branson's revolutionary war

What better time than a Crawley dinner with the Archbishop of York for Branson to get all revolutionary and escape to Downton?

Loved the transition here. Robert is talking to the archbishop about Catholics and admits that he's anti-Catholic. "There always seems to be something of Johnny Foreigner about the Catholics."

And bam — next shot is Sybil running through the rain, making a frantic, cryptic call to Edith: "I have no time to talk, but tell them I'm all right. I'm out of the flat. They haven't stopped me."

Man, Ireland seems rough. Moments later, there's a bang on the door and it's Branson. Not sure how he got to Downton from Dublin — and in...