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Scott Foley
'True Blood' recap: Season 4 finale, 'And When I Die'
'True Blood' recap: Season 4 finale, 'And When I Die'

Lots of death, sex and one huge cliffhanger in this insanely good end to an uneven season. I can't think of an episode in recent memory that packed so much goodness into one hour. Perhaps it was the similarily paced finale to Season 2. So let's get right into it. I'll start with Sookie, because "And When I Die," despite the Marnie-possessing-Lafayette situation, was really a showcase for Anna Paquin. Sookie went through the wringer here: dealing with the post-Marnie aftermath, choosing between Bill and Eric (finally!) while being pursued by Alcide, almost getting murdered (more on this later) and having a heartbreaking visit from Gran. Yes, Gran. Didn't...