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'Survivor: South Pacific' recap: Episode 13, 'Ticking Time Bomb'

'Survivor: South Pacific' recap: Episode 13, 'Ticking Time Bomb'

The episode title has to be about Brandon and his Crazy — who else could it be?

I'd like to give the editors a little high five for the sped-up scenes of Cochran trying to plead his case in the previouslies.

We start out at Redemption Island with Cochran and Ozzy. Ozzy is being very patient with Cochran complaining and figuring out that Upolu used him. Ozzy then screws it up by trying to get Cochran to vote for him in the end; this offends Cochran, who thinks he has a chance if he can win the duel and get back in the game. Since Ozzy and the rest of the viewing audience knows that there's no chance of Cochran winning against Ozzy, he even goes so far to promise that if Cochran...