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Russell Brand
Jason Winer creates a new Brand for 'Arthur'
Jason Winer creates a new Brand for 'Arthur'

To borrow from "A Hard Day's Night," Russell Brand is a mod, a rocker and a mocker. He's got an edgy version of elfin charm — if you can call a 6-foot-1 man elfin. Lately he's had a mocker's version of a Midas touch. He gave voice to the Easter Bunny's teenage heir in "Hop" — and the film ruled the box-office last weekend. The Russell Brand brand should get another boost Friday when he opens in his first star vehicle, "Arthur." Credit goes to Jason Winer, his Pikesville-bred director. Winer, 38, a graduate of Friends School, has the savvy and the smarts to keep the action flowing on Brand's witty stream of...