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Robert Patrick

Review: 'Lovelace' reveals degradation of porn star's life

Review: 'Lovelace' reveals degradation of porn star's life

How far does a girl have to go to untangle her tingle? This was the discreetly prurient poster question used to sell "Deep Throat" and Linda Lovelace to a mainstream public in 1972. The new biopic "Lovelace," about the grimly exploited porn star born Linda Boreman, stars Amanda Seyfried as the improbable icon whose name became Bob Hope's late-career punch line and a reliable ba-DUM-bum on "The Tonight Show" and a thousand other cultural wellsprings. Seyfried shot this well-acted but dodgy biopic around the time she made "Les Miserables"; truly, though, Lovelace was the miserable one. Screenwriter Andy Bellin tells some of the truth but with...