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Robert Mitchum

50 Years Ago: A tragic week across Harford

From The Aegis dated July 13, 1961: Much of the news on the front page wasn't good this week 50 years ago. Three people – a well-known farmer, a 2-year-old girl and an elderly woman – died in separate incidents. William Posey Choate, 53, who farm was near Upper Cross Roads, died in a freak farming accident. He was mowing a nearby property when the wheel slipped into a ditch. The tractor tilted and Mr. Choate was ejected forward. Mr. Choate told rescuers the right rear wheel of the tractor, with big metal cleats, ran over him. Hospital personnel said Mr. Choate, who lost his hand in a farm accident a year earlier, died of aheart attack. A woman believed to be in her...