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'iZombie' season finale part 2 recap: 'Salivation Army'

'iZombie' season finale part 2 recap: 'Salivation Army'

If you like to skip to the back of the book to learn the ending, or if you’re fine with spoilers, read this “iZombie” recap first.

If not, check out the previous post for all the happs from Tuesday’s first episode, “Dead Beat” before you go any further. Take a minute. I’ll wait.

Ready now?

Let’s hit it, then, with the final finale of season two of the CW dram-rom-zom-com, dubbed “Salivation Army,” a name that may be underselling it just a tad.

As showrunner Rob Thomas had promised at the recent WonderCon fan convention, the hour is epic in that it kills off several significant characters (plus litters the landscape with scores of supporting players), features a...