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Robert Buckley
'iZombie' recap: Death by drone on 'Patriot Brains'
'iZombie' recap: Death by drone on 'Patriot Brains'

Liv Moore may be a zombie, but she’s not a monster. That’s what our brain-munching heroine discovers during the latest episode of “iZombie,” when she has a chance to take down uber-villain and Seattle scourge Blaine DeBeers but just can’t pull the trigger. If she had been able to do so, she would’ve splattered his gray matter all over a stylish rooftop patio, what with those sharpshooter skills that were flowing through her veins. But since Liv (Rose McIver) was a medical resident before Blaine turned her into a zombie, she took the Hippocratic oath and, undead or not, she’s sticking to it. Blaine is a virus, undoubtedly, but he’s still...