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Rob Halford

Early Review: Ozzy Osbourne

Early Review: Ozzy Osbourne

From the Midnight Sun blog: Contributor Evan Haga reviews Ozzy Osbourne's show Monday night at 1st Mariner Arena. Wham City be damned: For three terrifically loud hours last night at a half-full 1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore was a metal town again. Ozzy Osbourne—Prince of Darkness, reality TV icon, advertising personality—played a 100-minute show that stretched back to his Black Sabbath days, covered ’80s and ’90s solo hits, and tossed in an obligatory new song for good measure. You guessed it: Osbourne’s voice ain’t what it used to be, but a crack band featuring consistently jaw-dropping guitarist Gus G. pulled up the slack and the results were worth the tinnitus. This was...