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Rex Harrison
Kyle Prue heads 'Pygmalion' cast at Everyman
Kyle Prue heads 'Pygmalion' cast at Everyman

When Everyman Theatre was founded in 1990, the resident company included Kyle Prue, who went on to perform in two dozen works over the years. But in 2006, he moved from being in front of the spotlights to making sure the spotlights and everything else at Everyman functioned smoothly, as the company's production manager. Prue had a practical reason for taking that job."I have a wife and family," he said. "I wanted a little more of a steady paycheck, something 52 weeks a year, instead of nine- or 10-week chunks." Now, Prue has switched back, at least long enough to star as Henry Higgins in the original makeover story, George Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion."...