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Peter Riegert
New 'Doctor Who' Peter Capaldi's genre-hopping movie past
New 'Doctor Who' Peter Capaldi's genre-hopping movie past

On Sunday night, when Scottish-born actor Peter Capaldi was revealed to be taking over the magic screwdriver to portray Doctor Who in the cultishly popular BBC sci-fi series of the same name, many American fans greeted the news with some confusion. Doctor who? Replacing Matt Smith, the on-call Doctor since 2009, Capaldi arrives as the oldest actor to portray the Time Lord since William Hartnell first embodied Doctor Who on British TV in 1963. PHOTOS: Billion-dollar movie club Moviegoing audiences may have most recently caught Capaldi, 55, portraying a medical professional with a different relationship to the Hippocratic oath -- an actual doctor for the WHO  -- a World Health...