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Patricia Rae

'The Big Wedding' review: These aren't tears of joy

'The Big Wedding' review: These aren't tears of joy

0.5 stars (out of four)

A comedy that provokes only sadness, “The Big Wedding” features several stars that a casting agent would hire if trying to exact revenge on me personally. So no, I didn't go into “The Big Wedding” expecting much. Any critic who claims pure objectivity for a wedding-related romp co-starring Katherine Heigl, Robin Williams and Diane Keaton and written/directed by the writer of “The Bucket List,” should not be trusted with words, sharp objects or heavy machinery.

Like Adam Sandler's hideous “Just Go With It,” “The Big Wedding” Americanizes a French story with the grace of a croque-monsieur that involves spraying Cheez Whiz on a Slim Jim....