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Review: Too much cute in TNT's 'Falling Skies'

Review: Too much cute in TNT's 'Falling Skies'

TNT and executive producer Steven Spielberg walk a tightrope with the alien invasion series "Falling Skies" (8 p.m. June 19, TNT; *** out of 4).

On one hand, they want to attract hard-core genre fans eager for thrilling sci-fi storytelling. On the other, they want to keep their show grounded enough in reality and the tropes of family drama to make it attractive to the general viewing public.

The high-wire act works, but not without some bobbles.

"Falling Skies" opens with a chilling twist to the oft-told post-apocalypse tale. A child narrates as viewers see kids’ drawings of what happened six months earlier when the "skitters" and...