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Nick Offerman
J.K. Simmons is happy to let his inner bully out for 'Whiplash'

J.K. Simmons? He's that cuddly character actor, right? You know, loving father to "Juno," gruff but amusing boss in "Spider-Man" and "The Closer." Heck, he's the folksy voice of Farmer's Insurance on TV! But after the new film "Whiplash," you may not look at him the same way again. As jazz band teacher and conductor Terence Fletcher, he is a monster, a seeming psychopath manipulating, screaming, terrorizing his conservatory students. "He's a perfectionist who is doing his best to bring that out in everybody around him," Simmons explains, sticking upfor the bully he plays in the film. Simmons' "nice-guy...