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Woodstock Festival (1969)
'Mad Men' Season 7 premiere recap, 'Time Zones'
'Mad Men' Season 7 premiere recap, 'Time Zones'

Don’s on the mend. Sort of. It was an admittedly slow yet steady start to the new season. That’s how it should be with recovery. There was no jumping into massive transformations or profound moments of clarity. It was more of a catch-up to see how the dust has settled – or kicked up – in the past two months (in "Mad Men" time, of course). Are Don and Megan still together? Have SC&P rehired Don? Are Peggy and Joan this close to starting their firm to prove those chauvinists wrong? Did Roger join a hippie commune? We got those questions answered, tied in with few jaw-droppers. Don Times have gotten dire for Don. He hasn’t just changed the...