Dismissed: Tenants lose, landlords win in Baltimore's rent court

Tom Jones

Of smartphones, flugelhorns and a Baltimore sound

Of smartphones, flugelhorns and a Baltimore sound

Nobody asked me, but I think smartphone addiction is more severe and more common than we wish to admit. I know from personal experience.

I had a dream the other night that I left my iPhone on a bus headed for upstate New York. I had just stepped off the bus. It was raining. The bus made a wide turn around a pink hotel.

As soon as I realized I didn't have the phone, I panicked. I dropped my suitcase and ran like a madman toward the bus. I yelled, hoping to get the driver's attention before the bus reached the highway. One of my shoes came off. The bus picked up speed.

Suddenly, unable to bear the stress, I willed myself to wake up. It was midnight. I startled the dog....