Dan Rodricks: Vanished faces of a West Virginia boom town

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Go-Go's bring class reunion spirit to Wolf Trap

Go-Go's bring class reunion spirit to Wolf Trap

The stage goes dark. A single spotlight illuminates the drum set.

Gina Schock, barely visible behind the bass drum, pounds out a tribal tattoo.

Another spotlight, in front of the drums: Bass player Abby Travis, head bobbing in time, plays off the rhythm with a two-note bass figure.

As the figure repeats, new spots light up Jane Wiedlin and Charlotte Caffey, who punctuate it with an exclamation point, Ramones-style: “Hey!”

The guitars come crashing in, and Belinda Carlisle floats to center stage to add her tremulous warble: “Go – Get up and go!”

It’s a goodbye song, but opening the proceedings Thursday evening at Wolf Trap, it doubles as an invitation: The...