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'American Horror Story' recap, 'Edward Mordrake, Part 2'

'American Horror Story' recap, 'Edward Mordrake, Part 2'

“American Horror Story’s” Halloween two-parter wraps this week with the conclusion to the carny cautionary tale of Edward Mordrake, a Victorian-era man purported to have a second evil face (because, of course it’d be evil) on the back of his head, whose restless spirit could be summoned by performing on Halloween night. (Thanks a lot, Elsa and your Lana Del Rey song last week.)

All we know is, after a heart-to-heart with Ethel, Mordrake’s not interested in her. But someone’s supposed to get dragged to Hell this week. Who will it be?

The heart-to-heart tour continues. Edward Mordrake and his weird green smoke cloud accessory is still touring around the freak...