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Review: Do the time warp at Lighthouse Tavern

Review: Do the time warp at Lighthouse Tavern

After a run of the best of the '80s, Lighthouse Tavern's music selection hit its nadir with Eddie Murphy's "Party all the Time." Most bartenders would have quickly pushed 'skip,' but not mine, who pumped up the volume — and, when asked if the singer was Eddie, said, "[Expletive] yeah!" and did a little jig.

Like its music, much of Lighthouse, a bar that opened a month ago, seems caught in a time warp. It looks like a dive in a John Landis movie, its decor as vintage as the music playing on the speakers.

Though its owner had promised "an upscale tavern" that would serve as an alternative to O'Donnell Square, there is little upscale about it....