Zurawik: Oprah soars in HBO's 'Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks'


A tweaked 'Cinderella' heads to Baltimore

A tweaked 'Cinderella' heads to Baltimore

The prospect of encountering a benevolent force that can — presto — transform your drab, dreary life into something brimming with untold wealth, glamour and love (not necessarily in that order) has been daydreamed for centuries. It appeals especially to children, but a whole lot of adults certainly enjoy such fantasizing, especially whenever a lottery jackpot jumps into nine figures.

Among rags-to-riches scenarios, none is more enduring than the one about sweet, lonely, put-upon Cinderella. Treated as a servant at home, she gets the chance to go to a ball and, much to the annoyance of her mean stepsisters, win the heart of a charming prince, all thanks to a fairy...