Bowie State awards posthumous degree to slain student

Pink Martini (music group)

Pink Martini set to shake and stir BSO gala

Pink Martini set to shake and stir BSO gala

When he was 13, Thomas Lauderdale's world in Portland, Ore., opened up wide. That was when the future founder of the ensemble called Pink Martini saw the 1946 Rita Hayworth film "Gilda" for the first time.

"I loved the 1940s glamour and all that," Lauderdale, now 43, said. "What's distressing is that it's being lost. We're in real trouble these days because of reality television. I yearn for the grace and elegance of the past."

Lauderdale has been doing his best to reclaim some of those old qualities through the music of Pink Martini, which has been performing highly stylish arrangements of vintage songs since 1994.

On Saturday night, the...