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Phish (music group)
Stone Temple Pilots play Pier Six
Stone Temple Pilots play Pier Six

The 1990s saw the ascent of a slew of great rock bands: Nirvana, Pavement, Pearl Jam, Phish, Rage Against the Machine and a few more you're probably naming in your head right now. Stone Temple Pilots was and is only a very good rock band, but if the weather and perennially troubled lead singer Scott Weiland cooperate at Pier Six on Tuesday, they'll do just fine. Without a doubt, this band can play. Along with the Seattle-ites, Dean DeLeo helped rock guitar get back to its meaty, blues-based roots in the '90s, following the limp, classically influenced shredder craze that ruled the '80s. STP's sort of riff-rock is only as good as its rhythm section, and you can be...