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'American Idol' recap: Aspen, Colo., auditions
'American Idol' recap: Aspen, Colo., auditions

"The altitude's kinda giving me a bit of a headache. Does anyone got (an), Aspen?" Oh, Steven Tyler. It was so funny I forgot to laugh. "American Idol" travels to Aspen, Colo., for the first time, where we learn about Rocky Mountain Oysters and witness the enigma that is the Magic Cyclops guy. Let us take a look at the notable auditions, shall we? Eighteen-year-old flower child Haley Smith has three jobs and loves nature. She sang "Tell Me Something Good" and I gotta say, great control, great voice. She's so different that she is a must to stay on this show. "Right out of my era," Steven said. If she reaches the top 12, I'm curious to...