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'Empire' recap: Mutually assured destruction (featuring Mariah Carey)

'Empire' recap: Mutually assured destruction (featuring Mariah Carey)

Greetings readers! Regular "Empire" recapper Ryan Eakin is sick this week, so I’ve been asked to fill in for him. It is my pleasure to give you the recap of this week’s episode, "What Remains is Bestial." 

We’re all accustomed to the scandalous episode beginning and endings of this show, and this week did not disappoint. Anika, fed up with her posh captivity, goes into the home office trying to reason with Lucious as he’s watching the growing number of Empire Xstream subscriptions.

While laying down the law of the land, Lucious begins to have a tremor reminiscent of his ALS symptoms. The scene reaches its climax (yeah, I...