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Led Zeppelin (music group)
Future uncertain, 1st Mariner Arena thrives
Future uncertain, 1st Mariner Arena thrives

Frank Remesch's mission was clear, if daunting. Somehow, he had to convince people that the hulking, cavernous 1st Mariner Arena, a 1960s relic that civic leaders had been talking about razing for years, was still a player — could still attract big-time concerts to Baltimore. Tough job. But then he had a flash. Maybe the World's Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band could help? They were in the middle of their 2006 American tour; they'd even played the arena twice before, back in the days when it was still called the Civic Center. Remesch breaks into a wide grin as he tells the story. He can't help himself. "I had this kooky idea to bring the Rolling...