Maryland boy who got double hand transplant can throw a football, write with pencil, do other routine tasks

Jessica Lea Mayfield

Like/Dislike: The Bellevederes, old-school cover band

Like/Dislike: The Bellevederes, old-school cover band

In a city where new bands pop up every week, you have to find a way to stand out — especially if you're a cover band.

But for the Bellevederes, finding a niche in the old-school music scene seemed almost effortless. Wanting a name representing their love for Baltimore, the group was inspired by the iconic Belevedere Hotel. With big instruments and bigger vocals, the Bellevederes hope to excite their audience while maintaining an authentic performance. The eleven members tell b that they "search '50s and '60s hidden soul gems for inspiration, homage and reinterpretation — songs that make us tap our toes and smile." The band's secret weapon? Their very own master...