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Frederic Chopin

On face value, Hahn-Bin delivers a new experience

On face value, Hahn-Bin delivers a new experience

A tuxedo seems like the one sartorial item that Hahn-Bin might not wear when this 24-year-old violinist appears for the Candlelight Concert Society on Saturday, Jan. 14, at 8 p.m. in Howard Community College's Smith Theatre.

This hotshot performer often favors a sleeveless black kimono, generously applied facial makeup and a towering black Mohawk hairdo. In what promises to be a fashion show of sorts, he is expected to make around 10 costume changes during Saturday's concert. It's enough to make Lady Gaga go gaga.

If you're starting to wonder whether this is a classical music concert we're talking about, well, it is. Hahn-Bin will be accompanied by pianist John Blacklow in a...