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Wedded: Ashley LeBow and Elliot Mutch
Wedded: Ashley LeBow and Elliot Mutch

Wedding date: Dec. 8, 2012 Her story: Ashley LeBow, 27, grew up in Baltimore and is an attorney. Her mother, Paula, is a former dental hygienist and her father, Jay, is a podiatrist. His story: Patrick Elliot Mutch, 28, also grew up in Baltimore and goes by his middle name. He works for Bank of America Merrill Lynch as a research analyst. His mother, Amy, is a nurse practitioner, and his father, Patrick, is vice president of strategic physician and program development at St. Agnes Hospital. Their story: Ashley and Elliot met at Nick's Fish House & Grill in Baltimore at BreastFest, an annual charity event to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness. They sensed an...