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Ellie Goulding
'Glee' recap: I Do
'Glee' recap: I Do

Glee. Valentine's Day. Wedding. Aww. Right? Wrong. Let's cut to the chase. Mr. Schu gets jilted at the altar. To the tune of "(Not) Getting Married Today" from the musical "Company." Finn of course thinks Emma's no-show has to do with their impromptu kiss last week. Mr. Schu, still in the dark about the aforementioned kiss his best man planted on his fiancee, thinks it's that Emma was overwhelmed by his absence the past few months. (And can we talk about why Finn is the best man? Doesn't Mr. Schu have real friends or any kind of social life outside of McKinley High?) The rest of the episode seems to gloss over the nuptial-fail. The reception...