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Dominic West - From 'The Wire' to 'The Hour' and beyond

Dominic West - From 'The Wire' to 'The Hour' and beyond

There is certainly no shortage of outstanding leading men working in American TV drama these days. Jon Hamm, Damian Lewis and Michael C. Hall to name a few.

But it would be hard to find any whose proven range is greater than that of Dominic West, star of BBC America's "The Hour."

It extends from Detective Jimmy McNulty raging drunk in a grimy Baltimore train yard late at night in HBO's "The Wire," to Professor Henry Higgins prancing across the stage in tweeds with Eliza Doolittle in an English revival of "My Fair Lady" that opened last week.

Or, how about the distance between the Iago he played onstage alongside Clarke Peters' Othello, and...