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ANTM All-Stars Episode 7: Scent of a Model

ANTM All-Stars Episode 7: Scent of a Model

This week, we got to see the girls creativity first hand when they had to create their own fragrances and then two went home after a photo shoot where they had to embody two well-known reality TV stars.

Smells juicy right? It was. Find out who won and who reaked of failure.


Au de model

Atop the Roosevelt Hotel, the girls meet with the founder of Hatch Beauty to come up with their own fragrance because everyone and their mom — and Justin Bieber — has to have a fragrance nowadays.

Each gets to name their new perfume (Lisa's: Neon, Allison's: the moridbly name Honey Blood, Angelea: uh ... Angelea) and blend their...