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Carney (music group)
Bushy Bear Dash proves to be 'wicked cool' [Glenwood/Glenelg/Dayton]

Bushy Park Elementary School celebrated the fourth annual Bushy Bear Dash with a "Wicked Cool Spooktacular" in October. Students ran laps around the field, played fun Halloween-themed games like Spider and Witch Hat Ring Toss and navigated a hay bale obstacle course. Adler Entertainment played music all day to keep the students energized, and the school mascot, Buddy the Bushy Park Bear, ran laps and danced with the students. This exciting fundraiser was also very successful. Principal Edward Cosentino agreed to ride on a fire truck with Buddy if the children reached the fundraising goal, which they surpassed. As a result, on Wednesday, Nov. 5, the students and teachers enjoyed...