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Dean Ambrose shines On RAW
Dean Ambrose shines On RAW

When Roman Reigns went down with injury, we knew someone would have to step up to take his place as the No. 2 face in the company for the time-being. Based on Monday night, that person is going to be Dean Ambrose. At the beginning of the show, Ambrose came out to run down Seth Rollins and say how much he wanted to get his hands on him. Then John Cena came out, as Rollins cost Cena on Sunday, and said he wanted some revenge as well. The Authority then came out, saying that Rollins wouldn't fight tonight, but instead of waiting, both Ambrose and Cena attacked, chasing Rollins to the back, to the point where Rollins had to drive off. Matches were made for Ambrose vs. Kane, and Cena vs....