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Britain's Got Talent (tv program)
Collabro hits all the right notes [Commentary]
Collabro hits all the right notes [Commentary]

Just like Lewis Carroll's Alice, I slipped down an Internet rabbit hole and I found myself face to face with Collabro, a musical theater boy band from Britain. Suddenly it was 1966, The Monkees were on, and I was in love with the shy one again. Five tenors, ages 20 to 24, each with a hardscrabble back story and a passion for show tunes. That's Collabro. Terminally adorable, with simple harmonies, they were the winners of "Britain's Got Talent" in June. I don't know what I was Googling when I stumbled on their stunning audition for the show, but I was hooked. I have loved musical theater since I was in high school. Nothing raises goose bumps like a story...