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HonFest turns 20 and John Waters gets 'Carsick' [Hampden]

HonFest turns 20 and John Waters gets 'Carsick' [Hampden]

This is traditionally the time of year when I use this column to give the HonFest update. And I'll get to that in a bit, but before we do, there are a number of other awesome events going on in Hampden to highlight first.

Friday, June 6 is First Fridays in Hampden, and there are a number of events going on.

For folks who remember the 1990s, especially the 1990s in Baltimore, WHFS was the area's leading alternative rock radio stations. And one of the most popular DJs there was Johnny Riggs. During his time working for the station, he had access to a number of "alternative" artists and he would shoot candid Polaroid portraits of them.

His subjects include Beck,...