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'Dancing with the Stars' recap - week 2
'Dancing with the Stars' recap - week 2

Nancy Grace's wardrobe malfunction will be the most infamous moment of this episode of DWTS. To cover a few seconds of time while host Tom Bergeron tipped Nancy off to adjust her cleavage ("On the European version, that would be perfectly fine," he assures her.), the cameras panned to a backup shot of a bored-looking audience. But enough about the nip-slip already. On to the dancing... Fast-paced dances often befuddle novice dancers. And that was true for a few of the contestants who took on the jive and quickstep on tonight's show. The top scorer was Ricki Lake with 23 points (out of 30) and the low score was doled out to Chaz Bono with 17 points. Highlights: ...