Antonio Carlos Jobim

Byrd's legacy of jazz continues to soar in Annapolis

The beat goes on in 2014, at least when it comes to jazz in Annapolis provided by a program nurtured by Joe Byrd and, before that, by his brother, Charlie Byrd. A tradition set by those two will again draw major talent to Annapolis this year for a series of jazz concerts at 49 West Cafe and at O'Callaghan's Hotel.

The area's emergence as a jazz hotbed began in 1972, when Charlie Byrd, a guitarist, and Joe Byrd, a bassist, joined with entrepreneur Paul Pearson to produce jazz concerts at the King of France Tavern at the Maryland Inn.

For nearly 30 years until his death in 1999, Charlie Byrd played at the inn. His legacy was carried on by Joe and his wife, Elana...