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W.E. (movie)

Natalie Dormer interview about 'The Fades, 'Games of Thrones,' 'W.E.'

Natalie Dormer interview about 'The Fades, 'Games of Thrones,' 'W.E.'

It just doesn't seem right watching Natalie Dormer act in contemporary clothing, let alone with her natural blond hair.

"I do quite a lot contemporary stuff," Dormer told me, laughing, during a phone interview from London, "but the American audience perhaps wouldn’t know me so well for that."

What Americans do know the British actress for is her role as the brunette Anne Boleyn in "The Tudors," Showtime's bodice-ripping take of the lives and wives of 16th century British King Henry VIII. BBC America currently airs repeats of that series on Wednesdays, but fans can see the modern, blond Dormer in the network's horror-comedy mashup "The...