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The Warrior's Way (movie)

'Insidious' should scare off the summertime blahs

'Insidious' should scare off the summertime blahs

A little boy lost in unknown waters, a father's perilous journey to retrieve him — no, it's not "Finding Nemo." In this case, we're talking about 2011's best horror film to date, arriving July 12 on DVD and Blu-ray.

"Insidious" (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, rated PG-13, DVD $30.99; Blu-ray Disc $35.99) is so smoothly told within the familiar bounds of the horror genre that many viewers may dismiss its germ of originality. There is no major new scream icon introduced, a la Freddie Kreuger or Pinhead, though there are certainly enough on-screen demons floating around to populate a haunted hayride or two.

No, what is...