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The Impossible (movie)
Spanish Films Hit Modern Box Office Highs

MADRID - In a milestone result for more fulsomely-budgeted movies made out of Spain, Spanish films punched a 2014 25.5% domestic market share through Dec. 7, their best home-turf result since 1977. That slice of Spain's total box office cake may slim a notch by the end of the year, maybe to 24%, said Arturo Guillen, VP, Rentrak, EMEA. But it will remain a 37-year-old modern record. Meanwhile, Hollywood youth-orientated titles almost entirely underperformed, ravaged by rampant piracy and the parlous state of Spain's crisis-hit youth, often without the money to go to cinema theaters. For Tinseltown, there is a silver lining, however: As big Hollywood titles under-index in Spain,...