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Steve Buscemi
'Boardwalk Empire' recap, 'Two Imposters'
'Boardwalk Empire' recap, 'Two Imposters'

"I need a bath, some chow, and then you and me sit down, and we talk about who dies."- Al Capone "Two Imposters" picks up no more than a couple hours after the crate containing Owen Slater showed up at Nucky Thompson's door. Right away, "Boardwalk Empire" is answering questions as quickly as possible and moving on to the siege of Nucky Thompson's Atlantic City. Nucky knew, or if he didn't, he now knows about Owen and Margaret. Before he can fully process that information, the New York crew sends three guys to hit Nucky's room, which affords Steve Buscemi the rare chance to kick some serious ass. It also gives Gyp Rosetti the chance to...