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Shorts (movie)

Overlea dancer directs The Collective

Overlea dancer directs The Collective

The music on the boom box inside the small dance studio at Bryn Mawr School is "Hearts a Mess" by Gotye.

On the dance floor are 10 women moving in sync to the intricate but rhythmic piece. They sway, then reach behind themselves and, as if grabbing a handle, then smoothly pivot.

It's a rehearsal by a dance company called The Collective for their show"Shorts,"which will be performed Friday and Saturday, Jan. 27 and 28, at the Theatre Project in downtown Baltimore.

Watching the rehearsal from the sidelines is Sonia Synkowski, 32, of Overlea, co-director of The Collective and a dancer since she was 4.

A dance teacher at Patapsco High School by day,...