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Pedro Almodovar

'Goodnight Mommy' review: Twins take a sadistic turn

'Goodnight Mommy' review: Twins take a sadistic turn

Pristinely vicious, the Austrian thriller "Goodnight Mommy" spins a fairy tale about twin boys, played by Lukas and Elias Schwarz, who live in a sleek, scarily minimalist country home with their mother, a television personality (we gather through a few clues) portrayed by Susanne Wuest. Outside this soulless abode, the boys spend their days romping in a bucolic playground, dashing through rows of corn, exploring the woods nearby.

Mom has changed, however. She has returned home from a hospital stay with her head nearly covered in bandages. Her affect seems off. Only her eyes, wide and alarming, can be seen fully. The boys wonder if this altered version of their mother, a...