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Nick Nolte

Tonal flips test 'Faith of Our Fathers'

Tonal flips test 'Faith of Our Fathers'

The discovery of a box containing the hand-written correspondence from Vietnam of a young man's late father serves as a truth-seeking link to the past for his devout Christian son in "Faith of Our Fathers," a dramatically DOA road movie by actor and faith-based filmmaker Carey Scott. Determined to get answers to the in-the-line-of-duty death of his Beatles-fan dad, John Paul George (co-screenwriter Kevin Downes) embarks on a road trip to the Wall in Washington, D.C., accompanied by a gruff non-believer (David A.R. White, doing his best Nick Nolte), whose cynical father also served in the war. Timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of America's involvement in...