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LUV (movie)

Local actor, stunt man hits the big time

Local actor, stunt man hits the big time

On a recent afternoon, Rick Kain stood on a homemade wooden platform 30 feet above a leafy hill in the woods behind his Woodbine home, grinning as he strapped himself into rappelling gear. Then he turned his back to the platform's edge, skipped off and began swinging like a pendulum through the air, agilely bouncing between two of the platform's support beams and letting out yips of laughter. The feat was impressive, especially considering Kain was one day shy of his 54th birthday. But it was also run-of-the-mill stuff for the local actor and stunt man, who grew up in Simpsonville — his mother was local theater pioneer Jean Anne Kain — and has lived in Woodbine with...