Dismissed: Tenants lose, landlords win in Baltimore's rent court

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Liberty ship sets sail for the 1940s

Liberty ship sets sail for the 1940s

The last time Donald Halverson was on a Liberty ship, he was heading across the Atlantic Ocean, a fresh-faced draftee who would spend the next 21/2 years fighting his way across Germany, France, Italy and North Africa during World War II.

A more recent trip, a leisurely six-hour sail down the Chesapeake Bay on the refurbished Liberty ship John W. Brown, a floating museum that has been plying the waters around Baltimore since 1991, proved a lot more pleasurable.

And boy, did it bring back the memories — of wartime camaraderie, an inspirational U.S. president who made you feel you personally could save the world, and getting a lump in your throat when Kate Smith sang "God...