John Hughes

Get ready; 'Jukebox' returns to Marriotts Ridge High [Marriottsville/Sykesville/Woodstock]

One of Marriotts Ridge High's most-anticipated events is Jukebox, the school's signature fall music revue. Each year, the common thread is a talking Jukebox that tutors students about different musical eras and genres, but these songs change annually, as does the student-created storyline. For instance, last year's plot seemed reminiscent of John Hughes' 1985 coming-of-age film, "The Breakfast Club."

"Jukebox 9 —The Prelude" promises the same energy, joy and talent that have popularized the event. A 16-piece live student band will perform 14 toe-tapping numbers ranging from jazz to rap, while a cast of more than 100 students...