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Like/Dislike with Kristina Green, 'Ghostbusters' Night co-host

Like/Dislike with Kristina Green, 'Ghostbusters' Night co-host

Fans waiting impatiently for the ever-in-gestation "Ghostbusters 3" can take solace in something that may be even better.

"Ghostbusters" Night at the Windup Space (8 p.m. Thursday, 12 W. North Ave., no cover), will, yes, involve screenings of both films. But it will also include "Ghostbusters"-related stand-up comedy and a performance from what could probably be the best band ever — the Proton Pack, playing all songs from the "Ghostbusters" films.

Kristina Green, 25, who will host with Johnny Marra, said the event came out of an online conversation with people who had attended previous theme nights at Windup Space. "We joked about a...